Our background

The 50s

Ricard and Núria: peasant farmers and rangers 

The origin of Grup Moragas, dedicated to the logistics, goes back to Ricard Moragas Fontanet, a peasant farmer of the country house called “Els Clopés”, in Sant Hilari Sacalm, and the father of the current owners of the Group.
In the 50th decade, his activity started to become automated, when the peasant farmer’s work with a vehicle drawn by animals was replaced by the usage of trucks. That allowed him to plough in other near country houses and do forestry activities as well, in order to make the investment in trucks profitable. That’s how the transportation service Group started.

The 60s

Trucks: forest and water

At the beginning of the 60s, following the forestry activity branch, Ricard bought two-axle trucks to increase the loading capacity that the towage of the trucks had. While Ricard was changing towards the mechanisation, the owner of “Els Clopés” who was also the owner of the land of a famous fountain of the town, started a small mineral water bottled use which was consumed mainly in summer in the city of Barcelona. Ricard’s trucks had little work in that period of time, as the forestry activity was almost stopped. Therefore, Ricard started to transport water in summer and to work as a ranger the rest of the year. Ricard and Núria’s three children, who were used to driving the truck and handling tools since they were very little, began when they were young to help, first as peasant farmers and then, in the transportation business.


The 70s

The big decision: the peasantry or the transportation

In the middle of the 70s, the family had to decide if they continued in the peasantry or moved to the town to give power to the transportation activity. In those moments, the business of the spring water use had already grown significantly and needed transport all the year round.


The 80s

The growth: family business

The business of transportation grew little by little during the 80th decade, with four trucks at the beginning and seven at the end of that period. In that moment, Ricard stopped to drive to do some maintenance work. Núria was in charge of the phone and the children drove the truck, with Isidre, the older one coordinating the tasks. In 1988, the company Ricard Moragas i Fills, S.A. was finally constituted. From then on, the decisions were made by the three children, taking always the Ricard’s opinions into account, who moved away from the management, letting them learn from the mistakes and the success.


The 90s

The diversification: transportation and storage

In 1992, the company Magatzems Sant Hilari, S.L which had as an objective the developing of the storage activity, was created. Then, the tendency of the manufacturers was to have the logistic support as close to the production site as possible. The first of the four current storehouses was opened in the industrial state of “La Bòbila” in 1996. In that decade, the siblings stopped to drive the trucks to do the administrative tasks and management, coming to an understanding of the strategies of the Group together. In the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, an area of 26.000m2 (about 10.000m2 covered) was built. 


The 21st century

Dedicated logistics

Once the storage consolidation phase was over, the company Aportación a la Gestión Logística, S.A. (APORTA) with new external partners, was created in 2005, with the purpose of managing the dispatch department of the clients, taking advantage of the experience of Grup Moragas and its own facilities as well. Nowadays, the project is completely consolidated and works successfully, helping Grup Moragas to keep a symbiosis relation with the client.


The future

New big challenges

The Group face the future with optimism and with the incorporation of a new generation formed by the siblings’ children: Elisabet, Blanca and Marta. All of them with great admiration to the group, as they have felt the company since they were born and Moragas Serveis Logístics, S.L. is, therefore the common project.

Germans moragas

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